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Co-Extruded Sheet Extrusion

Co-Extrusion HIPS/ABS Sheet

APPL provides an extensive selection Co-Extrusion HIPS/ABS Sheet , both single-layer and coextruded, that are manufactured using advanced machinery and different thermoplastic materials (such as PS, PP, ABS, PE, and others). These sheets are custom-made to fulfill the unique requirements of each customer.

Applications Include:

The potential uses of Co-Extrusion HIPS/ABS Sheets are boundless and extend as far as the mind can imagine. The range of standard products comprises various sheet types for a variety of purposes

  • Home Appliances: Refrigerators, Deep Freezers etc.
  • Various types of Disposable cups and Stationary files /folders.
  • Industrial thermoforming applications, such as furniture, packaging & bathroom cabinets.
  • Automobile: Top roofs for insulation etc.
  • Packaging: Separators, Pallets flits, Storage items, Slot packaging etc.


Sheet Extrusion is the process which is used for the products like plastic sheets or films. During the extrusion of these plastic materials, the required cooling is achieved by the action of pulling which is done through a specific set of cooling rolls that are generally three in number.

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  • thickness: 0.20 mm to 7.00 mm
  • width: upto 1500 mm
  • surface: embossed, glossy or matt
  • colour: as per customer specification


Co-Extruded Sheet are basically 5 layer linear extrusion process with an addition decorative cap layer. Sheets are then Vacuum formed to attain the required mold shape and groove designs. Sheet Extrusion thereby acquires a very good ESCR properties along with good inherent and durable stretching properties, hence down gauging can be achieved drastically as compare to other process. Moreover sandwich recycling ensure betters polymer fluidity and good quality.

Physical properties

Co-Extruded HIPS/ABS Sheets are having excellent Tensile and impact strength with enhanced elongation property. ESCR and reversion test are superior to achieve best insulation properties for year together.

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