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Epoxidized Soya Bean Oil

APPL has established a well–planned infrastructure towards manufacturing of Epoxidized Soybean Oil in a house with utmost precision that is equipped with an in-house testing facility.

NILPAC- is a premium-quality EPOXIDIZED soybean oil resulting from the oxidation of high iodine value unsaturated soybean oil with hydrogen peroxide and an organic acid. This non-toxic, non-hazardous, clear-to-pale yellow liquid acts as a cost-effective secondary heat and light stabilizer and a co-plasticizer in flexible PVC applications as well as an acid scavenger and pigment dispersion agent in numerous other compounds such as soy-based inks, agricultural chemicals, and butyl rubber.

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The epoxidation process forms an “oxirane” which is a three-member ring with one oxygen and two carbons. The oxygen is in position one, and the carbon atoms are in two and three. This angle puts considerable strain on the molecule resulting in a very reactive and useful molecule. NILPAC-HOX offers an economic benefit with superior dual functionality in all flexible vinyl compounds utilizing a natural and renewable raw material.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical Appearance Clear Oily Liquid Clear Oily Liquid
Colour (Gardner Scale) 1 Max 1 Max
Specific Gravity at 25° C 0.982-0.995 0.982-0.998
Epoxy Content 6.50 - 6.70 % 6.8% Min
Iodine Value 2.8 Max 2 Max
Acid Value 0.6 Max 0.6 Max
Molecular Weight 1000 1000
Volatiles Loss (%) 0.2 Max 0.2 Max
Volatiles Loss (%) 0.2 Max 0.2 Max
Odour Mild Mild
Fire Point 310° C 310° C


NON Toxic

  • NON-Toxic
  • FDA Compliant

Heat Stability

  • Heat Stability and Weather resistance
  • The synergistic effect can be expected in the case of the combination with metal series stabilizers. Thanks to the capability of the active epoxy ring to catch HCL and its antioxidation effect against degradation. After heating and light exposure, the cross-linking among PVC molecules can be minimized. Namely, the big-scale enhancement in both heat stability and weather resistance for PVC products can be expected.

Good in Non-Migration

  • Low I.V., Good in non-migration resistance and extraction resistance
  • Low I.V., good compatibility with PVC plasticizers, it therefore provides good performancei n non-migration and extraction resistance

Water Resistance

  • Water-resistance, Oil-resistance, and Low loss in transparency.

Low Volatility

  • Low volatility and High molecule plasticizer
  • Much lower in volatility than DOP (about 20% of DOP), it provides better stability in PVC flexibility. With about M.W. 1000, NILPAC can be regarded as a good plasticizer in PVC processing


Application and Description in PVC Processing

Application Description
PVC Leather, Film, Coating and Extrusion
  • Better heat-resistance in combination with metal stabilizers.
  • Improving transparency.
Films For Packing
  • Properly formulating with DOA or DINA, used as anti-freezing plasticizers in PVC formulation.
  • Application in combination with Ba-Zn, Ca-Zn stabilizers.
  • Good to be applied in non-toxic products, such as toys, glove etc
Toner & Master Batch
  • Good wetting to color powder, to enhance compatibility with PVC powder after blending with DOP, DINP and DIDP.
  • Reducing compounding viscosity after mixing with inorganic pigments.
  • Applicable to working with Ba-Zn Series stabilizers.
  • Widely used as coverage film in agriculture and exterior hydrolysis-resistance cloth.
Fire Retardation
  • Applicable in combination with stabilizers, to make up the stability in fire-retardation for Sb2O3 and Al2O3
Non –Migration
  • In pair with polyester-type plasticizers, to enhance non-migration.
  • Non-migration cable and wire.
Anti -Fogging
  • Applicable in pair with TOTM so as to enhance anti-fogging products.
  • Wildly applied in car panel products.
Low Extraction Formula
  • Coupling with polyester to work as a plasticizer for solvent and oil resistant formulas.
  • Wildly used in flexible tubes

Storage, Safety, Packing

Storage and Transportation

  • Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.
  • This material is not hazardous under normal storage conditions; however, the material should be stored in closed containers, in a secure area to prevent container damage and subsequent spillage. It is recommended that containers be raised above the floor or ground during extended storage periods to prevent container corrosion due to standing water.


  • Skin contact may cause irritation, especially to those skin-allergic people. If contacted, wash off contamination with soap and water, seek medical attention if irritation persists.
  • If eye contact, rinse for 15 minutes minimum with a gentle water stream, obtain medical attention if the symptoms persist


  • NILPAC epoxidized soybean oil is available in 200 kg HDPE/IRON drum
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